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What’s the Difference Between Desktop & Office Printers?

By September 13, 2022August 23rd, 2023No Comments

If you are trying to find the right printer for your office, you have probably noticed that there are many different options. Printers can be loosely categorized as desktop (or home), office, or production printers. The first of these is significantly less expensive than the latter two categories. This may make you wonder what the difference is.

  • Faster Printing: Perhaps the simplest benefit of using an office printer is that it will likely handle many more pages per minute than a standard printer. This is important if you have multiple users because it prevents the printer from becoming a productivity bottleneck.
  • Better Networking: Typically, office printers are better designed for networked use. While desktop printers can often connect to Wi-Fi, they don’t have the same tools for accepting and queuing jobs from many users. Again, this benefit helps to boost productivity in the office.
  • Laser Printing: Most regular printers are inkjet designs, while office printers usually have a laser design. Laser printers are faster, less prone to malfunction, and require less frequent refills. You can get both laser black and white printers and color printers.
  • More Paper and More Options: Many business printers have extra storage for paper. This helps improve productivity by requiring fewer refills. Plus, many models can accept multiple sizes of paper. This is great for printing legal documents, posts, flyers, and more.
  • Maintenance Plans: If you order your office printer through a supplier such as Altek, you can also sign up for continued maintenance. This will help you maximize uptime and productivity.
  • Multi-Function Design: Xerox® office printers are typically multi-function units, including scanning and copying capabilities.

While some small teams may use desktop printers, most businesses can benefit significantly from a higher class of equipment. The Altek team will help you get more from your investment.

What Can Altek’s Printing Solutions Do for Your Business?

Altek works with businesses like yours to provide top-quality printing solutions. This includes providing excellent equipment, including a wide range of Xerox® products, and superior support services. Our remote monitoring and optimized printing infrastructure can help you get more from your office printer.

  • Reduce printing costs by up to 30%
  • Maintain 99% printer uptime
  • Improve productivity with advanced business applications
  • Super-charge your production print operations with precise Pantone matching and color calibration

We know that your business needs effective printing solutions to operate at maximum productivity. Whether you need a single black and white printer or dozens of different printers, we can provide efficient and effective printing solutions. Our hard work and innovative solutions are why we have earned five-star ratings from customers and awards for our customer service. Altek is committed to finding the right solutions for your business’s unique needs.

The Altek team can also provide Managed IT and Document Management solutions for your business. We can help you transform your information systems from end to end to help your business run more efficiently.

Learn More About Altek’s Office Printer Solutions

Discover more about Altek’s Printing Solutions today. We can help you find the best Xerox® products for your needs and help you get more from your equipment with optimized infrastructure and increased uptime. Contact us today to learn more about our printing solutions.