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Do I Still Need A Business Landline? Yes, of course! 

In the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and everything we could possibly ever need is just a click away, we often hear, “Do I still need a landline for my business?” We’re going to stop you right there. Even our fellow millennials and business owners, hear our call! Don’t throw out every traditional business tool to save money, be hip or more efficient. Like a structured blazer, there is legitimacy and respect for some crucial business staples.

So, yes, a landline is still necessary for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether you’re manufacturing plant or traveling magician, here are the reasons why you should keep your landline. 

Benefits of Unified Communication

Built-in CRM

Virtual Assistant

Call Reporting and Analytics

Business SMS

Application Integration

4 – Legitimacy

A landline adds legitimacy by proxy. Why? Because the existence of a landline implies the existence of an office. There’s still an appreciation and respect toward brick and mortar.  1 landline = 1 office = legitimate business.  If you opt for a cloud-based VoIP business line, you can also choose a local area code or even a 1-800 number if you really want to add some high class legitimacy. Now, all that being said, we know there are instances of illegitimate businesses with offices and office lines; we’re generalizing.

3 – Professionalism

It’s ridiculous to call a business and the person simply answers “Hello?”. Or worse, you can hear them outside running errands or at job site. You may not want to do long term business with someone whose primary contact number ends with them picking up the phone at the grocery store. There’s a sense of security with a professional communication. The best way to ensure there is a sense of reliability during all your sales calls is to use a business landline that is answered with the intent to speak to clients, prospects, and partners. 

2 – Your Team

A landline for business is a landline for employees. Some employees don’t want to use their own cell phone. And this tactic could lead to unprofessional protocol or miscommunication. In addition, if that employee were to leave, do you really want your customers calling their personal cellphone? No, thank you! Do your customers and your employees a favor and invest in a business landline. 

1 – Work-Life Balance!

Hey business owners! Just a friendly reminder: You don’t have to and should not be working this much.
Taking phone calls after hours is silly and inefficient. The truth is, you should be focused on customer service during business hours. And, if you must, take care of admin work after hours. You deserve to carve out the time to actually live your life too. Finding that balance starts with disconnection.  You’ll be surprised how efficient you will become when you focus on work during your work hours. 

Sometimes there’s validity in the “old” or “traditional” ways of business. Don’t sacrifice function, security, and balance for the allure of new. 

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