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Business Communication Has Evolved

Unified Communication is an umbrella term for a business solution that combines marketing efforts, CRM tools, and operations procedures. This is also known as Enterprise Business Management.

These enterprise phone systems are revolutionizing management, tracking what’s important to business success and giving execs the ability to manage their teams through one single point. These systems are particularly important for executives who are managing staff across multiple sites or locations. Unified communications software is the secret weapon that can significantly increase a manager’s efficacy when managing multiple teams.

Built-in CRM

Virtual Assistant

Call Reporting and Analytics

Business SMS

Application Integration

Why Choose Unified Communications (U.C.)

The features of business enterprise management are inherently their greatest benefits. Unified communications software is not only the most convenient and effective way to foster communication across multiple locations, it will be the only solution in the coming years.

Businesses with geographically dispersed teams will consider Unified Communications a standard part of their daily lives – a system that they won’t know how they ever lived without. Early adopters are benefiting from this added advantage, an edge they have over companies that tend to implement new technology or strategies way after the initial tipping point.

The question is, Can you afford to be last?


What’s the Point?

First: communication was, is, and always will be a vital part of overall company success, both internally and in client acquisition.

Second: over-stimulation and complicated business procedures are burning employees out. Company phones with 5 apps related to daily activities, and browsers with multiple open tabs is a thing of the past. 

Simply put: Unified Communications solutions are a balanced marriage between communication and business procedures, completely changing the organizational structure for multiple locations. Our most important tip for managing multiple business locations is to get the technology necessary to manage effectively.


Examples of Unified Communications

Innovative telephony companies and providers of VoIP solutions for enterprise businesses have been offering these services for the past few months. Unified Communications software is here to stay in a big way.

RingByName’s enterprise phone management is a prime example of a unified communications software. For reference, we have detailed how unified communications has revolutionized I.T. at Goodwill in our enterprise business to business case study. This example of collaboration across multiple locations illustrates the power of this technology. 

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  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Hero Platform for multi-location deployments
  • Save as much as 80%
  • Improve productivity as much as 75%
  • Advanced Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Hybrid solution allows Administrative and Call Center Features on single PBX
  • Local Everywhere™ provides local numbers anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with 1000+ CRM and Business Software Packages including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Highly secure, high availability Infrastructure with unrivaled up-time

RingByName allows you to accelerate and manage your growth using tools designed to help IT Departments manage the enterprise voice service through one centralized interface. Move, add, and change settings easily and instantly. Simple, clean user interfaces with self-service makes it easy for you to be the hero of your enterprise.

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