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The Best Office Technology for Marketing Firms

By October 2, 2018February 16th, 2024No Comments

Marketing Firms

When it comes to marketing, image is everything. Which is convenient, because when it comes to printing, image quality is everything. With Altek, you can guarantee you are getting the best image quality possible. Our full line of machines from Kyocera and Xerox start with black and white machines that can print over 130 pages a minute and move up to production quality machines that can print marketing material for any of your clients.

Imaging Solutions

Bringing your printing in house allows you to customize, print, and develop even more marketing pieces for your customer. With the Versant line from Xerox, you can expect the highest quality print from a trusted company like Xerox, and still get the fast and simple service from Altek, with an average response time of less than 4 hours when something goes wrong. Our Imaging Systems provide you with the best equipment to show off your ideas, and our service quality ensures you will have the reliability to never worry about your equipment not working when you need it most. 

In today’s digital age, Marketing isn’t just print. Digital Marketing is taking over and many companies rely on your marketing expertise to market for them over the internet. So obviously, making sure that you are always up and running and never missing a beat when it comes to your hardware, software, and security is a high priority. Ensure that your team can always work, whether it is from work or home, that your data is always safe, and that you’ll never lose all the work that you put in for a customer. With Managed IT services, let Altek do the heavy lifting so that you can feel comfortable knowing you’re data and hardware is protected. 

Finally, most Marketing Firms have teams of specialists that all work on different things. Any time this happens, communication is always a key part in being successful. To give your company the best platform to do this is important, which is where Altek’s custom Document Management comes in. With the ability to search for any forms, names, numbers or accounts at any time, Docuware will help your team always have an easy method to communicate and stay in the loop with every customer.

Boost your marketing prowess with solutions from Altek Business Systems. Get top-tier imaging solutions, secure your digital operations with Managed IT services, and enhance team collaboration with custom Document Management. Contact a specialist today.