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The Best Office Technology for Non-Profits

By October 4, 2018May 24th, 2019No Comments


Non-Profit companies are on a stricter budget than most, considering the majority of the budget is coming from federal and/or state grants, donations and foundation funding. This means that Non-Profits have to make sure that every dollar they are spending is spent wisely.

Imaging Solutions

With the newest technology, reduce your overall cost for printing all the necessary forms like annual registration and renewals, employee salary notifications, tax forms by being as efficient as possible with toner, wearable items, and service costs. With apps that can automatically translate your forms into multiple languages, one flyer can target multiple diversities to ensure you reach the largest possible audience.With the newest technology and machines, you can ensure you have the ability to reach more, comply with all medical and non-profit guidelines, and create the most bang for every dollar you have.

Document Management

As Non-Profits grow, the ability to keep files safe and organized becomes more of a focus than ever. With Altek’s Document Management System, Non-Profits are able to create workflows custom to them that allow for any files to be stored, archived, and retrieved in a moment notice whenever it is needed. Create an easier and hassle-free way of ensuring all your forms are filled out and filed correctly.

Managed IT

Most nonprofits are working with customer data and information that needs to be kept safe and meet certain criteria. With Altek Business Systems’ Managed IT, you can know that your best practice is receiving Altek Business Systems has worked with Non-Profits all over the Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh, Northampton, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia regions. By partnering with these non-profits, we have been able to focus on helping them develop the best course of action to ensure that they can be as successful as possible. See how we can help your non-profit by reaching out to us and asking for a business technology assessment.