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The Answer is Unified Communication through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

| Author: Laura Bella, NetCarrier |

As someone who has worked in telecom for almost ten years, you start to hear the same reoccurring fears when it comes to telecom and technology. Businesses often refrain from researching and analyzing new technologies because of their underlying fears. At NetCarrier, we try to make sure our customers understand the solution that we are providing them. We also make sure to explain the benefits as well as outline the differences.

90% of people said that dealing with a company that uses outdated technology would cause them to consider taking their business elsewhereZech Crook, Chief Operating Officer at Sunstate Technology Group

What it comes down to is that having outdated technology can greatly impact your business, but we understand it isn’t as simple as jumping into new technology. It’s important to complete a thorough network assessment to examine a company’s needs from top to bottom and ensure all your fears are being addressed before making the change. Having a provider and partner who is willing and able to assist in this process is vital to making the correct technology decision.

Let’s dive into unified communication through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband internet connection instead of an analog phone line.

Benefits of Unified Communication

Built-in CRM

Call Handling

Call Reports

Next-Gen Features

Application Integration

Top 6 Fears and How a Hosted Phone System Can Help

· Fear of losing control & accessibility: Whether you want control over your phone service or not, a cloud phone system is flexible and can offer both options. Our nCloud Connect PBX solutions offer a user-friendly administrative portal for your team to manage and make changes as needed without needing a degree in technology. Access your entire phone system with any web-enabled device from anywhere. NetCarrier provides you with the tools to become your own expert.

· Fear of Flexibility: Users can access the system remotely or in the office without the need for large infrastructure costs. A cloud phone system merges your desk phone, computer, and mobile device for seamless communication no matter where you are. Having the flexibility to operate remotely as well as the ability to easily scale and grow with your business are important factors when choosing a communications platform.

· Fear of relying on the Internet: Cloud communications inherently offer redundancy when it comes to local power or internet outages. Since your phone system is in your providers’ network that has multiple generators for power and several internet and voice providers as backups, you no longer have to worry about losing your phone service when you lose local power. Having the option to utilize multiple internet connections, SD-WAN, and failover solutions add even another level of redundancy.

· Fear of having an outdated system in 2 years and being stuck: Think of your cloud phone system software, just like your mobile device. You have updates available that increase features, and functionality and correct bugs and they get applied to your device automatically. Cloud phone systems work the same way, as new features are developed they are rolled out to your phone system, ensuring you have the latest technology. We own the technology behind the platform we offer, so as the industry expands we are able to implement the newest features with a simple update.

· Fear of support: Making a change to a new phone system is daunting, but knowing that your phone provider has support 24/7 is important. You don’t want a provider that has ticket takers and lacks the ability to troubleshoot and provide proper support. You also want to be able to speak to a live person right away instead of going through multiple options and waiting on hold forever. NetCarrier offers support when it comes to transitioning to our services. Your dedicated project manager walks you through the process along with the option to have an onsite technician install all of your equipment.

· Fear of cost: Cloud phone systems eliminate the need for capital expense (CAPEX) and allow you to pay as you go. You can easily add and remove users from the system as needed. NetCarrier offers invoice analysis and free consultations to see how we can possibly save you money while upgrading your system.

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