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What Sets Altek Apart? Unified Communication.
Business Communication Evolved.

We offer an evolved cloud business phone system with Unified Communication (UC). Whether you’re a business with one office, or a large enterprise with teams in multiple locations anywhere in the world, or a non-profit organization, Altek and RingByName will give you best in class service while reducing your communication headaches and expenses. Our phone solutions are designed to help create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. Providing a top notch phone experience for your customers will surely increase their affinity for your brand and service.

Built-in CRM

Virtual Assistant

Call Reporting and Analytics

Business SMS

Application Integration

No cost calling

Get unlimited calls to the US and Canada for one low monthly price.  Super low cost international calling too.  Hey, call like your business success depends on it because in fact, it does.  As a bonus, the money you save goes right to your bottom line. This is a business phone system that pays for itself in dividends.

Greet caller by name

RingByName greets your contacts by name.  Once a caller uses RingByName and has been identified, he or she is greeted by name from then on.  This personalized attention means more people will choose to stay with your company plus more prospects will choose your business in the first place.

Remembers who the caller spoke with last

RingByName remembers who the caller last spoke with. This seems pretty logical but nobody else does it. We think it’s a powerful way to build relationships, not just take calls. That’s a business phone feature that fosters relationship and business building.

Treat callers according to how you define them

Screen calls by defining them as VIPs, normal callers or even callers you want to block or blacklist. Calls can be routed through menus, to departments, or to individuals. This is a logical way to make you and your staff more productive every day.

Never lose a call

RingByName knows your office hours as well as team member availabilities.  What a concept, using a phone service to route calls to people when they are there.  You’ll never lose a call. And you’ll probably gain a bunch more business while you’re at it. That’s just a no brainer for all business phone systems, to bad no one else is here to help like we are.

Syncs to your landline, mobile, and computer 

RingByName works simultaneously on your landline, mobile device and computer. This helps you stay in touch no matter where you are. In this 24/7 business world, staying in touch means staying ultra-profitable. Accept nothing else from your business phone solution.

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  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Hero Platform for multi-location deployments
  • Save as much as 80%
  • Improve productivity as much as 75%
  • Advanced Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Hybrid solution allows Administrative and Call Center Features on single PBX
  • Local Everywhere™ provides local numbers anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with 1000+ CRM and Business Software Packages including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Highly secure, high availability Infrastructure with unrivaled up-time

RingByName allows you to accelerate and manage your growth using tools designed to help IT Departments manage the enterprise voice service through one centralized interface. Move, add, and change settings easily and instantly. Simple, clean user interfaces with self-service makes it easy for you to be the hero of your enterprise.

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We’re offering a FREE Webinar on Thursday, April 9th at 3pm.

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