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Managed Print Solution in Food Manufacturing

Exceptional customer support, printing technology, and product service deliver remarkable outcomes, fostering a strong partnership

In this case study, we delve into the transformative partnership, where the challenges faced by Hatfield Quality Meats in the realm of print technology led them to seek the expertise of a reliable service provider. Confronted with overspending on inkjet technology, disorganized purchasing practices, and a lack of service maintenance, Hatfield turned to Altek for prompt and comprehensive assistance.

Let’s explore how Altek emerged as a trusted Office and Print Solutions provider, revolutionizing their operational efficiency. 


We believe you should maximize your investment. By leveraging the newest software, you can transform the way you’re using your hardware. We can help you customize your workflow to improve productivity.

Customer Background

Based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Hatfield Quality Meats, along with its subsidiaries under Clemens Food Group ownership, cater to food markets spanning the entire East Coast. Learn more on their website >

The Challenge

Hatfield was utilizing an assortment of networked & non-networked, costly printers from multiple vendors that included color inkjet, color page printers, and desktop mono laser printers. The fleet was expensive to maintain. Hatfield was spending nearly $86,000 annually on printed document output with high cost-per-page and consumables costs that were expending a significant portion of the technology budget.

The Result

Altek Business Systems conducted a comprehensive Managed Print Services assessment of Hatfield’s existing printing infrastructure, with the goal to create a long-term print document strategy that significantly reduced costs while ensuring functionality, productivity, and enhanced value.

The assessment uncovered a multitude of current cost factors that could be improved upon, including considerable use of expensive inkjet printers; excessive color output on costly printers; the majority of printed document costs driven by copier page costs, and disproportionate volume placement with limited use of low-cost, shared workgroup printers.

Based on the findings, Altek proposed a three-phase approach to print document management – a strategy that would provide a return on investment of 26% annual savings from Hatfield Meats’ current costs.

Phase One called for developing a standardized, centralized, and consolidated printer fleet offering significant cost reductions and improving overall performance.
Phase Two required implementing the standards with a focus on technology redeployment and replacement of assets.
Phase Three ensures continuous improvement and cost reductions via a Lifecycle Management Strategy that includes quarterly reassessments, employee development, and technology refreshes. Altek Business Systems made specific recommendations to counter the unnecessary cost factors Hatfield Meats had been incurring.

Cost Reduction

Removing inkjet printers, adding network capabilities to copier fleet, and redeploying under-utilized assets more effectively by increasing usage to lower cost, shared workgroup printers.

Streamline Purchasing

The goal was to standardize and simplify every process. Running on more reliable machines and only ordering supplies when needed, by monitoring the fleet, ensures lower overall cost.

Improve Uptime

By including service, Hatfield can save money and time. Backed by manufacturer-certified Technicians and an award-winning support team, they ensure productivity – and no surprise bills.

The Managed Print Services assessment and subsequent recommendations achieved the primary goal of saving a significant amount on the printing budget, streamlining the toner delivery by automating it, adding Altek’s service component in addition to eliminating costly inkjet printers and redistributing cost-effective solutions more equitably. As a result of the above strategies Hatfield Meats is expected to save over $33,600 per year equaling $168,000 over five years.


The Complete Office Solution

At Altek, we’re more than just the products we sell. We focus on solving problems you may have in your business. Based on our tech evaluations, maybe even ones you didn’t know could be resolved. We work with multiple manufacturers to ensure you have a choice, of not just any product or service, but the one that is best for you.

While the hardware you receive is important, and finding the best hardware for you is key to giving you an advantage with your technology, it is equally important to guarantee you have a team supporting you.

Altek’s team is trained by manufacturers, in all departments, to ensure we understand all the options – not just in hardware but in software that can help streamline what you currently do.

Our Technicians are manufacturer-certified to guarantee they know how to troubleshoot and fix the hardware we offer. They drive strategically stocked company vehicles to make sure they can resolve issues quickly – the first time. Should you need remote support, you are fully backed by a local IT Help Desk to ensure all issues, whether hardware or software, are fixed quickly. We are keeping your business running smoothly.


Multi-Manufacturer Provider in Office Technology

Altek offers production and office print solutions to companies throughout southeastern PA and southern NJ. Since 1991, we’ve helped local companies grow efficiently and effectively by simplifying technology solutions so that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of our expert team and client-prioritized services.

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About Altek

Your Complete Service Provider

Since 1991, Altek has been providing the latest in business technology and award-winning customer satisfaction. Our staff, with over 30 years of technology experience, provides cutting-edge Managed IT, Print Solutions, Workflow Solutions, and Document Management. At Altek, we take the consultative approach. By focusing on your business goals, we create an individually tailored solution. We enhance efficiency and profit while ensuring your goals and objectives are being met by providing training, support, and ongoing maintenance.

We Take Service Seriously

Many companies claim their service is “The Best Service in the Business”, but we have the scores to prove it. Over the last 5 years, we have received a Net Promoter Score® of over 95, which puts us in the top 3% of companies in North America.

We know our success is tied to our client’s success, so each customer we have is a relationship we invest in.

NPS Score: 5 Year Average


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Ensuring business continuity with disaster protection, help desk support, on-site service, and integrated solutions to streamline processes and proactively safeguard your business.

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A custom tailored solution is essential. Whether it’s office workflow or high volume color management, you need only the highest rated BLI products combined with award-winning service.

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